Monday, October 08, 2007

Williamsburg, VA

Back when I was a Madrigal Singer in April of 1996, we performed at Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Williamsburg.

Since I couldn't get a hotel in NYC at the last minute I had not been there in years, I decided to spend Columbus Day Weekend there.

  • Stayed at Crowne Plaza, which allows pets. Too bad I don't have a puppy.

  • Dinner at The Trellis, one of the best meals I've ever eaten

  • I sent text messages to all the former W&M alum I could think of to find out where the best night spot was in Williamsburg. Billy's answer: Paul's. Despite getting a Guinness in a plastic cup (and a single pour), this college bar provided lots of wonderful young flesh to gawk at.


(Miss Angel on the left, Corey and his goatee in center, and Miss Diana on the right):

  • Breakfast at a random pancake house. Hit the spot.

  • Went to Busch Gardens, which is running their Howl-o-Scream...whatever it is.

  • While in line and being attacked from teenage werewolves, I see my new hero: Daddy Juice Pig:

    Daddy Juice Pig was there with his little (maybe 8 years old) son. Complete with b-acne and swollen forehead, he proved that it's never to early to show your children how important performance enhancing drugs can be.

  • Dinner and drinks at Paul's (Yum!)

  • Another pancake house breakfast

  • Visited Jamestown, took pictures, and most-of-all: sweated. Everything there is basically a 100 year old recreation of its former, 400 year old self.

Restful, relaxing, and out of my system.

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Anonymous said...

I went to William and Mary too. How little you knew...


And I concur on Pauls. I could've made you a whole itinerary. Bread Ends and House? Cider? Gov gardens. Much!