Monday, November 05, 2007

Maybe He's Not a Luddite After All?

Following the news that Andrew got a job at an Acura dealer in Vegas, George sent us a new piece. The cross-talk after the fact has an iPhone. Via Email:

George: [I'm] surprised to see andrew pushing the brand so far so soon.

theAlphaJohn: he works fast, what can you do?
George: it is good he uses his power for good, not evil.
Andrew: LOL what are you guys talking about?
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theAlphaJohn: have an iPhone?
Andrew: I'm trying to branch out and not be so terrified of electronic
devices. Plus I had to get a second phone anyway

George: this, is strange many iphones have you been through yet?
Andrew: I'm on my second one in less than a week!
George: i knew it!!! :) :)

Maybe Andrew should tell Apple his iPhone Story...?

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schvin said...

very disturbing behavior, really.