Friday, October 17, 2008

You piss me off real good! I no talk to you.

Kristin: um, again, chick question... but are you mad at me about something? Or is the shortness cause you're wicked busy and I keep interrupting
theAlphaJohn: haha
theAlphaJohn: im on a conference call
theAlphaJohn: just working on stuff in the background
theAlphaJohn: not mad at you at all
Kristin: ok... whew
Kristin: well... I hope you come out tomorrow night
Kristin: haven't seen you in 100 years
Kristin: would be nice to shake it on the dancefloor with you
theAlphaJohn: yeah it's been a while
theAlphaJohn: are you still white?
Kristin: lmao
Kristin: as far as I know
Kristin: I'm still a chick as you can tell
theAlphaJohn: im all asian now
Kristin: really...
theAlphaJohn: i hear yellow fever is the new black
Kristin: LMAO
Kristin: alrighty!
Kristin: does that require surgery?
theAlphaJohn: not much
theAlphaJohn: it's all outpatient
Kristin: oh good...
Kristin: as long as they don't have to remove you nipples and reattach them
theAlphaJohn: then hair dye, spray on tan, and lots of anime / graphic novels (read: comic books for people with masters degrees)
Kristin: omg
theAlphaJohn: would you like me to go back to being terse?
Kristin: NO!
Kristin: that was not a complaint

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