Thursday, February 07, 2008

Impulse Buy

I've been skiing twice this season. I have high arches, and the first time I went this season, I couldn't put weight on one foot after I got out of my boots.

I decided to order orthotics for my ski boots; ironically, Google lead me to Foot Dynamics, a company in home town. They sent me a kit to make foot molds using my oven, I sent them back, and less than a week later I had my orthotics. Total cost: $189.00.

Last week, I dropped my skis off at Willi's for a tune up. When I went in to pick them up, I asked the guys who work there if they could my new orthotics into my boots. The sales guys were very helpful, especially when they informed me that their orthotics were (at most) $100.00. The guy who helped me, whose feet are 2 sizes larger than mine, told me that he wore the same size boots that I did. While his buddy went in back to get my skis, he let me try on a couple pairs of boots that should be a better fit to my feet.

Long story short, my $20 tune up turned into $300, but my new boots are so comfy. I hope to try them out tomorrow after work.

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