Friday, October 07, 2005

I've often wondered if working for me is like working for Dr. Seuss...

From: theAlphaJohn
Sent: Fri 10/7/2005 8:05 AM
Subject: Today, horray, is theAlphaJohn's Last Day...

I woke at dawn, like Christmas day
and on that day, which is today
which is my very last FELD day
I get to say, in that smug-AlphaJohn way
that all of today is about me, ok?

The cake, we have, that tastes so good
at 3:00pm in the VTC room
but prior to that, my last act of work
I have a call with Kwane, and my Pirate-boss-jerk

I am the focus, but you need not swoon
I'll crack more jokes -- I'll be a goon
But try your best to make some room
because we're going to lunch today at noon.

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