Monday, November 07, 2005

Avalon NYC + DJ Irene == soiled underwear

George joined me for my first DJ School weekend in NYC, mostly because DJ Irene was spinning at Avalon NYC.

Before it became one of the hottest clubs in NYC (though it's about to get pushed down the list when Pacha opens up), Avalon was an a church. My camera phone didn't do so well in the low light, but you get the idea.

Irene is one of the coolest DJs I have ever seen. She gets so into the hard house she's spinning (when she's not checking the Spundae girls out) and she totally clicks with the audience. Most of the time we were up on the mezzanine, which looks right into the booth. She has a picture of me and a couple dudes being all stupid up there in her personal collection now.

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