Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jazzman's Patron

Today class, we're going to discuss an important inter-campus issue: Jazzman's Patron.

Jazzman's, first of all, is the name that the whores at Sodexho give to any of their coffee stands or coffee shops -- a sub-brand if you will. Like all Sodexho-run outfits on campus, they accept cash, credit and debit cards, and meal plan for payment.

Every morning, prit-near (to borrow a Paul Massey phrase) 10:00am, I wander over to SUB I to get myself a cup of coffee, and 3 out of 5 days I run into Jazzman's Patron (in the "ye ole days" sense, when patrons helped artists, like Jazz Men, survive). He's probably 18 or 19, 5'6 or so, about 140 pounds, chin length hair (from behind, I sometimes think he's a she), today he wore jeans that were torn at the ankle and birkenstocks (it's 50 degrees out, total sock weather). Anyway, JP is probably one of those awkward swim team lads who can eat 9,000 calories a day and not gain a pound, but that's no excuse for his standing order: a grande mocha, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and an apple turnover (which, until I saw him sit down today and dig into it, I thought he was buying for his study group). Thing is, I've seen him order this a few times, and every time it exceeds the meal plan by a dollar and change, and every time he's surprised. Last time he paid cash (I paid close attention to that transaction because, admittedly, I never went away to school and don't understand how a/the meal plan works), and today he used his debit card to cover the overage, which made Jazzman's foreign employee meltdown.

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