Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Real men wear ace bandages

Especially when they fall running on Friday evening, spraining their ankle and tearing their knee up. I spent the weekend in bed, and took yesterday off to run errands and catch up on some bullshit.

I guess I can go out tonight and tell bitches I got capped, get me some hard Fairfax street cred.

Or not.


mere said...

oh...do i feel your pain. at least you were running and not walking across a driveway in flip flops. more dignity in the former and definitely none in the latter.

Anonymous said...

In moments like this I think its always appropriate to insist to inquirers that you were having incredible sex with 2 women and something went very wrong (but not at your expense or because of your own action). Excuses like that are A-OK. Trust me. Sorry you're hurtin! Love you, J

M. Loaf said...

What the fuck is Fairfax street cred???