Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Playing Catch Up

Though last week's news cycle was interesting, my week was really just busy. I decided the week before that since I didn't have class on Colombus Day, I would take (yesterday) Monday off from work and go see my parents for the weekend.

School: I got both of my previous week's exams back. Accounting 90% and Economics 86%. My conference in English went well the week before.

Work: Some ongoing sillyness here surrounding Portal, lots of fits and starts. Two companies have contacted me about jobs in the past two weeks. I had one phone interview already and probably another this week. It's more likely that I'd stay than go, but we'll see.

Myrtle Beach was a good trip. Saw the folks, saw the cats, sustained 100 mph on the trip down for a bit (and a record 26 mpg). I made it home 450 miles in 6 hours 30 minutes including about 20 minutes in traffic.

Now back to: real life, status reports, English papers, et cetera.

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Anonymous said...

Or Peter Cetera! G-spOt