Monday, August 06, 2007

Fake Steve Jobs, fake news story

Forbes editor Dan Lyons has been writing a blog for the past year called Fake Steve Jobs, where he pretends to be goofy SJ and writes all kinds of fluffy bullshit:

New Apple target price: $160

See here. And some are going even higher. Meanwhile king dork Jim Cramer and his moronic henchman refuse to apologize for spreading lies and hurting our stock earlier in the week, here. Watch the video and see how Cramer has the absolute gall to ask Quasimodo, "Gee, what's going on with Apple, we've seen a lot of volatility there lately." Cramer, you are lower than whale shit.

I mean, alright. So you sort of captured the oddness of Steve Jobs and wrote about current events and what he might be thinking.

The fact that Lyons is the author, not really news. The fact that Forbes put a bounty on finding the real author and it turned out to be one of their own employees, still not really news. Maybe on Valleywag, but not all over the fucking blog-o-sphere:

I suppose you could argue that if Paris/Lindsay/Britney being getting drunk/arrested/fired is some kind of news, this can be too. Then again, I think evidence is mounting to give up on this country and try another.

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