Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Radio Silence

Some may have noticed more than others, but current radio silence will probably extend into Friday.

For Management, I need 900 points or more for an A. Right now, I have 450 points. The final is worth 400 and the paper I already turned in (and get back graded tomorrow) is worth 100. There are no +/- in there, so 800-999 is a B. The fun begins at 9:30am tomorrow.

My last two Finance homework assignments are done: 10/10 on both. I ran some quick numbers, and these are the break points:

58 on the final: C
70 on the final: C+
80 on the final: B-
90 on the final: B
100 on the final: still a B

I'll shoot for 90 and hope for 80. Final is at 1:30pm tomorrow.

As for Operations Management, I have a total of 76 points and need at least 90 for an A. There is a take home final and a take home review packet due Friday for a possible 25 points (15 and 10 respectively).

I'm going home now to make a very large adult beverage and review five chapters of Organizational Behavior: Group Dynamics and Teams; Individual and Group Decision Making; Managing Conflict and Negotiation,;Influence Tactics, Empowerment and Politics; and Leadership. Try to control your jealousy.


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