Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NAVTEQ: We lose, you win

Thank you for your recent Map Report. We have completed our investigation of your Map Report.

For the NAVTEQ tracking number: 00570CU8IJ2VDVJZ
Submitted on : 27, Dec 2007 11:54:58
Problem Description:
Montrose Road has been moved, construction still in progress.

Our Resolution Outcome is: Database Updated - Navigable Geometry
Details: The new, open segment of Montrose Parkway has been added to the NAVTEQ database. Please see PVID 750115166. This information was field verified.

For more details, proceed to your Map Report at http://mapreporter.navteq.com

NAVTEQ delivers regularly scheduled map updates to our business partners which include database enhancements. The commercial release dates for these products will vary depending on each business partner’s product plans. If your Map Report did not result in a database change, please note that we track these items and evaluate them with our business partners on a regular basis to enhance navigation system performance.

Having the latest map in your system makes a difference to system performance with the latest roads, addresses and Points of Interest. If you are interested in an updated map for your navigation system, please contact your system provider or check our online store at http://store.navteq.com.

We welcome your feedback on the NAVTEQ Map. Thank you for helping to keep the NAVTEQ Map the most accurate and highest quality in the business.

The NAVTEQ Map Reporter Team

Now I just need to wait until my stupid GPS gets this update.

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