Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finals are Finished

A deep breath after a couple very long weeks. I had a term project in Accounting and a paper for Economics (which I got 31/33 on) that were both due. All three finals went well, so now I just need to wait for grades to be posted.

With finals behind me, I'm off from school for almost an entire week before summer A term begins. Quite a break really: all I need to do between now and then (besides my regular work schedule) is go to the dentist and get my car serviced. It's almost like being on vacation on the tropics.

Starbucks has been a fixture in my diet the past few weeks, and of course I stopped on the way to last night's final to get coffee. I stopped in this morning on the way to work, and the same guy from last night waited on me. He said, "I haven't seen you since last night" to which I responded "I suspect one of us slept here last night, I'm just not sure if it was you or me".

Never let it be said that I'm not a man of people.

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