Sunday, May 27, 2007

Podcast: The Memorial Day Weekend Mix

After making shitty podcast #2, it was time to make a set using music I actually listen to. As I was picking out the tracks I realized that I didn't like any of my choices for the last song. Nothing popped out at me while I was sifting through some DJ Tiesto, but then I realized my two favorite tracks from Parade of the Athletes had nearly identical BPMs and laid on top of each other...real nice like. I ended up mastering Euphoria vs Breda 8p and then laid the complete set down.

That said, here it is:

Instead of potato salad, I decided to whip up some tunes to do your weekend grilling to:

1) Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool
2) Deep Dish - Flashdance (Skylark Mix)
3) Afropeans - Better Things (Skye 'n' Sugarstarr Remix)
4) JJ Flores & Steve Smooth - Deep Inside These Walls (Extended Mix)
5) Max Linen - Flashback
6) Starkillers - Scream (Kobbe & Austin Leeds Remix)
7) BT - Break on Through (to the Other Side) [BT vs The Doors Remix]
8) The Crystal Method - Salty (featuring Katherine Ellis) [Meat Katie Remix]
9) DJ Tiesto vs DJ Tiesto - Euphoria vs Breda 8p (Alpha John's Jacked Track)


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