Thursday, May 10, 2007

One Down, Two to go

I was here until 1:30am last night studying for today's statistics final. The material isn't particularly hard (last week, we graduated from 4th grade math to 6th grade math), but the professor is very particular. I wanted to be sure I could work through all the problems and had absolutely everything I needed on my one page study guide. After all, it's not easy to remember: "The variation in system response time is due to the variation in number of users and the variation in system load % after discounting for the use of two predictor variables." Yuck.

And as it turned out, everything I need was in my study guide. I got through the final (including all the bonus questions) in about 90 minutes. While I may not have gotten a perfect score, none of my answers were out of range, and I didn't have to re-do a bunch of calculations like I did last night.

Saturday morning is my Accounting final, which means tonight I'll be re-reading the chapters and tomorrow night I'll be working through the practice exams. After my final on Saturday, I have a two hour review session for my Economics final on Monday. I'll be working through that practice exam on Sunday night in all likelihood.

Saturday night, I'm going to Glow with Kirstin to see Bad Boy Bill. Hopefully we'll have as much fun as we did back in November.

Stupid finals.

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