Monday, May 07, 2007

Kim's 25 Birthday

Joey and Erin put together a lil' birthday field trip into DC for Kim's 25th birthday. We pre-gamed at Erin's a little too long, then took the Metro from Springfield into Adam's Morgan. While logistically it wasn't the best choice, Joey saved the day by bringing a water bottle filled with vodka and cranberry. I thought the funniest part was all five girls using the bathroom at the Pentagon Metro in 5 minutes (since Metro doesn't like people using their bathrooms, and I lied about how long they had).

The ginormous slice of pizza at the end was tasty, and thankfully Bo came so I wasn't the only guy there.

In short, the evening started like this:

turn into this:

and ended like this:

I haven't slept a hangover like that off in years.


Anonymous said...

I feel pretty solid about this blog entry, especially the last part where I'm slumped over in Bo's lap like a corpse. I rock.

the Alpha John said...

I do feel bad I didn't find a date for Bo on the Metro. It's a shame things didn't work out between him and the over educated house frau from the Strayer ad...