Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Common Sense Begins to Sweep the Nation

From CNN Money:

Hybrid lovers: The honeymoon may be over
As the reality of fuel efficiency sinks in, fewer new car buyers are considering a hybrid, according to J.D. Power

NEW YORK ( -- The percentage of car shoppers considering hybrid vehicles has declined in the past year, according to a survey released Tuesday by J.D. Power and Associates.

Fifty percent of new vehicle shoppers surveyed said they are considering a gasoline/hybrid electric vehicle. That's down from 57 percent last year.


Interest in hybrid vehicles declined the most among younger shoppers. Last year, 73 percent of car shoppers between ages 16 and 25 said they were interested in a hybrid vehicle. This year, 60 percent were.

Car shoppers also said they were willing to pay an extra $2,396 for a hybrid powertrain while expecting a fuel economy improvement of 18.5 miles per gallon.

Meanwhile, consideration for diesel-powered vehicles stands at 23 percent. Last year, only 12 percent of car shoppers considered purchasing one. New clean-diesel models, which have much cleaner exhaust than older versions, have just begun appearing on the market this year along with the low-sulfur diesel fuel needed to run them.

Shoppers expected to pay $1,491 extra for a diesel powertrain. They also expected to get about 15 mpg better fuel economy.


All those required economics classes appear to finally be paying off, not to mention people are waking up to the reality of how efficient hybrids aren't.

Now bring on the hybrid-diesels...

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