Thursday, July 19, 2007

What exactly is an Organizational Behavior class about?

I'm taking my required Organization Behavior class this term; I've been meaning to share some details about it despite being half-done.

OB is a social science that focuses on the psychology that managers in business need to know: leadership, motivation, team work, diversity, et cetera. The class is being taught by a member of the psychology department here at Mason, and she also happens to be a PHD student. She's really nice and very intelligent, but how the class itself is run requires some commentary.

  • Our professor said that we can use her first name.
  • We were given oak tag and markers to make name cards, so she can learn our name.
  • We watch a video at least once per class: snippets from Office Space and Meet the Parents to illustrate some topic that we're covering.
  • For our exam, we had to give her a blank Scantron a week before so she could put together color coded packets for us.

What I'm trying to say is that the title of class should really be "MGMT301: Feel Like a 4 Year Old on a Long Car Ride".

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Mike said...

I hope she's not psychotic and gives a killer test.