Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Aunty Samantha

[Photos from High Rezolution]

This entry is post-dated, because I was a dehydrated disaster on Wednesday.

Corey, Kirsten, and her friend Onseya joined me for a bangin' evening at Firecracker. Corey and I had a brief pre-game in the parking lot, then made our way inside. While I was in line, a lass named Andrea and I discussed DJ Icey's performance a few weeks ago in Chicago, and that she was there to see Starkillers (who I was also excited to see live for the first time).

Apparently there are four DJ booths in Fur, but before Tuesday night I'd only found two. We wandered into the Mafia room so I could catch part of Bob Jong Ill's set. He was spinning what I would call progressive house, which isn't my favorite, but I really enjoyed what I heard.

Kristin and Onsaya finally showed up, so we worked our way into the main room to hear the end of Icey's set. As I've said, I'm not the biggest break-beat fan, but he really pushed that sound system to the edge; I'm glad I wore ear plugs. We worked our way toward the booth and ran into Andrea and her friend Tammy; we ended up dancing together for most of the night.

In talking to Tammy after the show, it turns out we were just a few feet from each other during Paul van Dyk's show.

Andrea and Tammy:

Sweaty Mess:


Back to Fur: at one point last night, I got pissed that my shoes kept coming untied, to I kicked them off and danced on the disgusting dance floor without them.

In short: Bob Jong Ill kicked ass, Icey spun a good set, Starkillers rocked the house, and DJ Dan crushed the crowd at the end.

More pics of our crew:

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