Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Programz are _The Popular_

I'm taking this "E-Commerce/eBidness/iWasteTime" class, since it's the only 400-level MIS class being offered this Fall. The class is taught using ASP.NET 2.0: I've never programmed in it before, but I've done web programming in PHP, Perl, and ColdFusion, and I've done development in Visual Basic (ASP.NET lets you write the actual code in either VB or C#).

Same difference.

Mason is not all that Microsoft technology friendly, so our professor made us get ASP.NET hosting accounts to publish our homework to. He recommended this site called Somee, which is free.

I setup my account a few weeks ago and published my homework there. The first assignment is due tonight, and this afternoon I got this email:

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:50:50 -0500
Subject: Your web site has been deleted!

Your site was deleted by our automated verification system. Reason: CPU overuse.

Somee International


Somehow I doubt that my ASP.NET-based wage calculator was the top item on Digg today.

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the Alpha John said...

Solution? Apache 2.2 + mod_aspdotnet on desktop at work...