Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hx0r3d my DVR

The DVR first entered my house on December 28, 2002 when I purchased a ReplayTV 5040. I think I've watched less than 15 commercials in the past five years.

I have DirecTV, but the ReplayTV doesn't know how to change the channels on the new D10 receivers they use. In April 2006, when I had a PC in the house, I followed the 87-step process the Internet(s) outline to load new IR codes to change channels on the D10.

My parents purchased their own ReplayTV in 2004, but abandoned it after some problems it in favor of a DVR from their cable company. I took their unit home last September, and after replacing the hard drive it was as good as new EXCEPT it did not have the update to change the channels.

Finally fed up, I decided two days ago to find the magic process on the Internet(s) to update the ReplayTV in my bedroom so it can change the channels on the box (otherwise, it can't record anything unless I've changed the channel on the box beforehand).

Without boring you (further) with the details, it was unbelievably complex. The only PC I have in the house that I could put a hard drive into is my server. My laptop is a Mac, but all the fucking software to do the updates is PC-based.


You guessed it fool: mother fucking Virtual PC:


Fucking ridiculous.

Nerdier than when When I hx0r3d my cell phone to enable bluetooth.

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