Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shitty Tuesday

My power went out last night for several hours around midnight. All the UPSes kicked in, but apparently there isn't enough runtime on the big one for kaitain to shutdown anymore.

I woke up this morning, brought kaitain and both dvrs back up, then VPN'ed in to get the call-in number for my 9:00am conference call. It was, as they always are, a crucial waste of time.

My laptop died during the call, because the battery is old, and because Virtual PC does nothing but eat CPU cycles (I could cook an egg on the bottom of the laptop when it's running). After the call was over I got dressed and went into work.

Since today is Tuesday, there was no parking. I found one secret spot in front of the PE building, parked there, and walked through the rain to my office...where people were looking for me. I apparently missed a 9:30am meeting about the same thing the 9:00am meeting was about.

Did I mention how much pain I'm in?

1 comment:

Ran Kailie said...

Explain to me again why you're still working there?

Masochist ^_^