Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lady Justice: Was Sighted and Partisan, Now Reactionary and Liberal

Alaska Senator Ted "It's a series of tubes" Stevens was indicted today, so saith the filthy, liberal, New York Times:
WASHINGTON — Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, the longest-serving Republican senator in United States history and a figure of great influence in Washington as well as in his home state, has been indicted on federal charges of failing to report gifts and income.

Mr. Stevens, 84, was indicted on seven felony counts related to renovations on his home in Alaska. The charges arise from an investigation that has been under way for more than a year, in connection with the senator’s relationship with a businessman who oversaw the home-remodeling project.

They could not have indicted a better tool. Enjoy your bridge to nowhere, Teddy!

This must be DOJ's attempt to make up for yesterday's findings that they ILLEGALLY allowed politics to influence hiring decisions:
Senior aides to former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales broke Civil Service laws by using politics to guide their hiring decisions, picking less-qualified applicants for important nonpolitical positions, slowing the hiring process at critical times and damaging the department’s credibility, an internal report concluded on Monday.

A longtime prosecutor who drew rave reviews from his supervisors was passed over for an important counterterrorism slot because his wife was active in Democratic politics, and a much-less-experienced lawyer with Republican leanings got the job, the report said.

Another prosecutor was rejected for a job in part because she was thought to be a lesbian. And a Republican lawyer received high marks at his job interview because he was found to be sufficiently conservative on the core issues of “god, guns + gays.”

Wherever Ann Coulter is right now, her cock just fell off.

I am in liberal ecstasy right now.

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