Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Secret that Everyone Knows

Since Mason is a state school, employee salaries are public record. Most people only work there a couple weeks before they find Roblink, a website run by a disgruntled former employee. Every year, he makes a state FOIA request for everyone's salary, loads them into a database, and puts a few search forms in front of them.

This year's number are posted. Jim Larranaga's move to #1 at $525,000 stood out (a deal considering he had an offer for $1 million, and President Merten told people we were going to miss him). More interesting, especially in these tough economic times, was to pull down all the full time employees and add up their salary:


That's Mason's 2008 salaried payroll overhead.

I guess with every square inch of campus under construction, someone needs to fill up those parking lots (that are over subscribed by 130%).

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