Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My New TV

Once I finally got furniture for the living room, it (the furniture) wanted more reasons for me to sit on it.

I haven't owned a game console since the original Nintendo, so I used my stimulus to buy a PS3 (and GTA IV).

The PS3 has been asking for a new tv. It says, "I know I should be happy to have a home, but this 36" Sony WEGA makes my Blu-ray player cry in shame. You don't even have HD!"

I've been shopping for a new tv for about 4 months now. I decided that I wanted the Sony 46" XBR4. The new models (XBR5 and XBR6) have started arriving, and the only difference between the old and new model at 46" is the warranty (goes from 12 to 18 months) and an additional HDMI input (2 to 3). That said, I'm willing to save $900 or so and slum it with last years model, since this is the picture that I want.

I decided not to do anything about the TV until school was over. Earlier today, I was preparing for tv shopping by scouring the internet(s) for coupons or other deals, and I saw that Best Buy had their XBR4s on unadvertised clearance. I decided to stop at BB Tysons on my way home (to meet my study group), and found out there were only 2 left in the entire district. Since BB has 0% interest for 24 months (Circuit City is 18 months and Sears is 12 months), I really wanted to get it there. I drove out to Bailey's Crossroads, where the last remaining TVs were: one was new, one was open box, both were buried back in the warehouse.

Earlier than expected, I bought my new TV. I haven't brought it home yet, or told the PS3. I need to decide on a tv stand, and I need to get an HD receiver. That said, I'm glad I don't have to worry now about it selling out.

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