Friday, February 02, 2007

Barry decides to pile on

Barry: Since Luminis uses SunONE, and a custom version of the JVM for that matter, is there a patch for the DST change?
theAlphaJohn: Did the DST change affect Java too (stupid though that may sound)?
Barry: Yup. There are Java patches for DST.
theAlphaJohn: shit...I'll open a ticket with SCT
theAlphaJohn: what is the bill called that changes dst?
theAlphaJohn: the "I didn't vote for your fake president act of 2005"?
Barry: It's the Energy Policy Act of 2005
theAlphaJohn: i opened a support ticket
theAlphaJohn: high priority
theAlphaJohn: i estimate a response in the year of our lord 2099
Barry: it's the "Let's kick computer people in the nuts again after Y2K bill."
theAlphaJohn: if medical science makes me go through that shit again...
theAlphaJohn: i spent the millennium on the roof of my office building, and all i have to show for it is a teardrop shaped bottle of evian
theAlphaJohn: instead of getting herpes from a girl who thought the world was going to come to an end
theAlphaJohn: we did get to use the "Declare new Epoch" command in Netware though...
Barry: ooooo...At least you didn't get herpes.

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