Monday, February 19, 2007

Watch in amazement as your employer thinks for itself!

Oh wait, never mind:

This is a just a reminder of our meeting Tuesday, February 20 at 1 PM. [Redacted person] is researching [redacted concept] at other universities to see their membership, responsibilities, and duties.

We will eventually have a draft mission statement to review.

In the mean time, it's an opportunity to share and communicate across

This is an actual email I just received, reminding me of tomorrow's meeting. This group has been meeting for years now, but they need to meet tomorrow and continue to see what other schools are doing so we can decide what our (draft) mission statement should look like.

::scratches head::

Many organizes suffer under group-think, this is some kind of second-guessing that cripples us; we always need to see what other schools are doing before we make a decisions, even though we always want to do things differently.

We need an autocrat in the worst way.

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