Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

I was able to get tickets for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart at the beginning of this week. That's not a huge stretch though, considering that it's really just a ticket to stand in line. None the less, only 2 1/2 hours later I was out of the freezing cold and in the door and laffing and laffing and laffing.

Some interesting things about the taping:
  • The "fluffer" is Emmy Award winning writer Paul Mercurio, who happens to be the reason Opie and Anthony were fired for Sex for Sam III in 2001. He does amazing crowd work, very funny.
  • Jon actually comes out and answers questions before the show. He took the time to answer every question in the audience.
  • There was a story in our taping about the Superbowl commercials, and funny enough was a skit about a robot on the GM assembly line committing suicide. I thought immediately of George.
  • The correspondent piece during our episode was about the douche who sued ladies night back in January that Mary sent me.

It was an awesome experience. I need to get on Steven Colbert's show next time I'm up there.

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