Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CNN Delivers where Fox has Failed

I have always said that on a slow enough news day, Fox News would probably burn their own station down to have a story to sensationalize. Today, CNN beat them to the punch:

Two people were shot inside the CNN Center complex in Downtown Atlanta Tuesday, sending shoppers and network employees scrambling to find cover. A Grady Memorial Hospital spokesperson confirmed that one person was dead upon arrival.

Witnesses said a man and woman were involved in an argument when the man started to drag the woman by the hair up an escalator that goes to the Omni hotel before shooting her in the face. A Turner security officer responded and then shot the suspect. The hospital spokesperson would not confirm whether it was the gunman or the female victim who died.

Video footage showed the Turner security officer pointing his gun at the suspect, who was lying on the ground inside the building before his transport to the hospital. Atlanta police officers were also on the scene. Officer James Polite described the shooting as a "domestic situation."

I went to Atlanta in 2004 for the Lawson CUE conference, and the convention center is right next door. I didn't really make it to any of the exhibitions, but I spent a very hung over afternoon (after Charlie and Barney's) having a greasy lunch at the McCormick and Schmick's in the CNN building with Michael W.

And now that I've opened that door, I can post these never-before seen photos from that trip:

Michael and Matt (Random British Guy #1) (to whom we had to explain what "the shocker" was):

Jennifer (who correctly identified the shocker from 20 feet away):

Random British Guy #2 (Ian I think?); he worked for Watson-Wyatt:

British Matt again (who got along swimmingly with Jennifer -- they were pals):

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