Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Registration for Fall 2007 began on Monday, and my time ticket came up this morning:

My fall will be spent in classrooms taking classes that (1) I've taken before under the Comp Sci label, and (2) that I could teach at the 500 level. None the less, I'm concerned because three of the classes I need each have only one section open in the fall. I went to register for them:

and now I have to go beg a Dean for an override. I have to beg for an override to take "Databases for Business Majors", "Networks and Security for Business Majors", and "Systems Analysis and Design for Business Majors".

I am, by the way: a 10 year veteran of IT, a certified Project Management Professional, one of the most proficient Oracle database people we have (and certainly #1 with SQL Server), I piloted the Network and Security class at a previous college where I got an 'A'. As a CS Major I got in 'A' in algorithm design (all paper and psuedo code), five programming classes including Assembly Language, and Computer Organization. I think I can handle these three classes...for Business Majors.

Yet here I sit in panic, because if I can't get this override, or they fill up before I do, I won't be able to graduate in the spring.

At which point I might just quit my job and go consult, because I fucking hate working here.

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