Friday, June 15, 2007

Buzzlife Presents: Paul van Dyk live @ 930 Club

As previously mentioned, last night Buzzlife hosted Paul van Dyk at the 930 Club in Washington, DC. This was PvD's first stop to promote his new album, In Between. DCist previewed the show on their site yesterday.

DC showed his trance-spinning, German ass an amazing time.

WillDelphi, a pair of DJs I had not heard of before, opened for PvD. I can't find their website, but their set was very tight. One guy is up front spinning on a pair of Technics, and the other guy is behind him diddling his Powerbook to make the room go boom.

[The rest of the photos are from]

Once they closed out their set, it was time for ::untz untz:: robot dog:


PvD got about 2 minutes into his first song before I got my ass off the mezzanine and down into the crowd. I made my way up front in less than 30 minutes.

Since 930 is more of a live music venue than a club, there isn't a DJ booth. The "booth" was setup in the front-center of the stage with rails around it. "Why" you ask??

For when 1/3 of the floor crowd climbs up on stage and starts dancing:

Fucking nuts. I must have danced for three hours non-stop. I was a disgusting, sweaty mess when I left. I could not have been happier.

I played several roles last night: bad frat dancer (when you're shoulder to shoulder, all you can do is work those arms), beat setter (because if you're frat dancing, you might as well be the human metronome), screamer (like I do at every live show), and several times I acted in loco-parentis ("Sweety! Get down from the front of the stage." "Dude are you ok? You are rolling balls and crashing into everybody.").

I'm still scouring the Internet(s) for more pictures. One of the photographers must have taken half a dozen with me in them. If so, then I can remove all the text from this post and let that speak for last night.

So yeah, today frowny face has turned into :p

UPDATE: While my own camera phone videos sucked, some fine folks on YouTube saved the day:

You can definitely hear me scream in that clip.

Also, this is an awesome clip from the second encore:

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