Monday, June 25, 2007

I don't find bugs, bugs find me

I found two bugs today, the first was in our own Patriotweb, and the second was in Bank of America's website.

I got a notice from my MKTG301 professor that grades were posted. When I checked in Patriotweb, no grade:

but then I ran a detailed degree requirements analysis, and there's my grade:

Hi, I'm referential integrity. Have we met??

Next, fucking BofA's shitface website redesign is driving me insane. I receive my statements electronically, but the account I need to see my electronic statements for shows nothing online (the account I could care less about, however, has eStatements). Dandy. So I email my premier banking droid and ask if that can be regenerated.

What I need to see are my ending balances for the past 6-12 months. Then I realize that the last transaction each month is my Interest Earned, so I search for that:

no God damned balances. Look again in the transaction listings:

and there's the balance. It's the same fucking transaction, and there's even a balance column in the quick search results (it's just empty).

Too bad there's no way to send useful feedback to the useless web designers who clearly forgot to do any requirements analysis before they rushed this shit out the door.

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