Friday, April 07, 2006

I h@x0r3d my new Motorola E815

Verizon disables OBEX profiles on their cell phones, which means bluetooth only works for the headset and you have to use their (for cost) service to transfer files on/off your phone.

I didn't like the prospect of that...not so much.

I checked out a couple websites on how to edit the seem data, Inetron and Nuclear Elephant. Editing the seem requires a special USB data cable from Motorola, so I ordered that off eBay and it arrived yesterday.

I had a few glitches along the way getting my Windows machine to recognize the phone (all of the stupid Motorola tools and the seem editor are Windows apps), but once I did I was downloading the pictures off my phone over bluetooth in less than 5 minutes.

Now I can upload pictures from yesterday's Circus Rave. I am so fucking 1337, I'm going to go h@x0r the Gibson now.

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thecardaddy said...

can you please speak in english, robot-boy?