Friday, May 30, 2008

New Car Itch

No idea why, but I have had new car itch for the past couple days. It would make sense if I was dreaming of something sexy, but I'm looking at gas sipping commuter cars?!

I finally took a few minutes to work up a spreadsheet, to see if changing cars came close to paying for itself:

I own my 2002 Accord free and clear; while it gets a disappointing 23-25 MPG, it's an improvement over the WRX (which only got about 18 MPG and required 91+ octane).

It would be nice to drive in HOV during rush hour, but new hybrids aren't elgible.

A tax credit for buying a hybrid would be nice, but they've all been used up.


I guess I'll save my $$$ and buy a Porsche or something.

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