Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So long, Scooby!

I turned in the WRX tonight after 36 months; I think it's the longest relationship I've ever had. [According to my credit report, I've had a trade line with Citibank for the past 89 months.]

While Andrew certainly got me a phenomenal deal, my own actions made it a more expensive endeavor than it should have been. Let's take a look:

$14,000 Payments ($400 * 35 months) [includes: GAP, Warranty, all Maintenance]
$500 Deductible [Accident July 3rd, 2004]
$1200 Tires and Rims [April 2005]
$0 The delight of driving a Gold Dodge Stratus
$460 Autocross ($160 Tuition + $240 Helmet + $60 hotel)
$800 New Tires [August 2006]
$780 Bumper #3 [November 2006]

$17,740 Total

More than I should have spent, but more than fair to enjoy the best three years and 39,658 miles of a $27,000 Japanese sports car's life.


Mike said...

Don't you know better than to detail the money you've spent after it's already sunk? It's only depressing. However, your WRX will be fondly remembered.....

the Alpha John said...

I think it's worth it. That car was fun. The car itself never got me laid, but it's definately large enough to have sex in (though I can suggest several revisions to the interior if Subaru is interested)...