Monday, June 05, 2006

AIDS Turns 25

Aww...happy birthday, AIDS!

Remember when you were a toddler, and Sebastian Bach went on MTV News wearing a T-shirt that said, "AIDS kills fags dead?" And then when people were outraged, he came back on MTV news and "apologized" by saying, (I'll paraphrase because I can't find the exact quote) "It was wrong -- I have gay friends, and I can see how it would upset some people. My grandmother died recently and I'd be mad if someone wore a shirt that said, 'Cancer Kills Grandmas Dead'".

Would you really be mad Sebastian, would you?

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember AYDS-the diet pill? When AIDS first came out,we kids used to prank call Drug Fair and ask,-Do you have A#DS?! Hahaha