Saturday, June 24, 2006

Concert :: John Digweed performs for Buzz @ Nation

John Digweed was interviewed by the Boston Herald last week about how to be a successful DJ:

"After you reach a certain level of success, you get put on a pedestal," Digweed said. "The trick is to remember to let the music do the talking. After all, that’s what drew you in to begin with, right?"

Music is what Digweed’s latest project, "Transitions", is all about. Named for his seamless DJ-ing technique, "Transitions" started out as a globally syndicated, weekly satellite radio show and now has evolved into a wildly successful podcast as well, with more than 100,000 subscriptions in five months. It’s also spawned a new series of CDs, the first of which arrives Tuesday.

"The whole idea is to premiere fresh tunes on a weekly basis," Digweed said. "It’s very rare that I’ll play the same song twice on my show, so each week is a new experience. For the corresponding CD series, I think two releases a year gives an accurate snapshot of what the show is all about.

The music I’m choosing needs to be a bit hypnotic and trancelike with a fundamentally good groove, but it also needs to be a bit quirky. A lot of DJs fall into the trap of only mixing the big records and selling familiarity. I’m looking for the opposite, stuff that people haven’t heard that doesn’t sound at all bland."

Bland is the last word you could use to describe Digweed's Friday return to Buzz. DJ Chloe opened for Digweed and built the crowd into a frenzy before her handoff. It was an evening of break beats on the club-side, and the breaks took over the main room when Digweed called it a night.

The crowd was immense -- I haven't seen Buzz that busy for some time. Many people commented on the message board that they haven't danced like that for years.

Photos, by the way, snagged from the Buzz Life photo gallery.

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