Sunday, June 25, 2006

Concert :: Starscape 2006

The 8th annual Starscape at Ft. Armistead Park in Baltimore, MD was held on Saturday, June 24th, 2006. When those Ultraworld fuckers say "rain or shine", they mean it.

Jim (George's friend I met on Thursday night at DJ? Acucrack) joined me since our mutual Starscape-going friends bailed on us at the last minute. We got as far as the parking lot before asking Google SMS where the nearest Walmart was (4.7 miles) and going to get some ponchos, umbrellas, and other wet-weather essentials. As it turned out, the umbrellas were important to keeping a gaggle of 16 year old girls from Bethesda dry before our "sex offender" alarms went off and we left them to their own devices.

There were quite a few complaints from people about this year's event:
  • The Graffiti Wall was too small
  • The lack of tents to protect from the rain (like in past years)
  • The quality of the sound system from the Drum and Bass stage
  • The delay in getting the various stages up and running

Be that as it may, The rain did not stop us.

The lack of electricity did not deter us.

Haters found a spot on the wall to plant their tag:

We caught Medeski Martin and Wood on the main stage:

BT performed on the Buzz Stage (even if it was for only about 12 minutes):

The Disco Biscuits rocked the main stage for over two hours.

While it wasn't really my scene, one of the coolest things I saw while wandering around was that the Progressive House stage was setup out on the newly rebuilt pier. Two of the stages were setup above the beach in the park, two were setup down on the beach, and one was on the fucking pier (and the people who were rocking to it literally rocked the fucking pier). Had they put the D&B stage out on the water, that pier would certainly have broken off into the harbor.

And something special just for George: guess who I ran into?

Sarah and Kate and Cathy. :)


Justin said...

What is all this DJ crap????? Can't you ever get to a Slayer or W.A.S.P. show???? Damnit Steve!

the Alpha John said...


Justin, please stop reading my blog. You just don't get it, do you Sprinkles?