Friday, June 23, 2006

Concert :: DJ? Acucrack plays Alchemy @ Nation

Alchemy, the Goth/Industrial night at Nation, hosted several big name artists last night. Sadly, the one I wanted to see the most went on first.

There is nothing quite so odd as walking into Nation at 7:10pm on a Thursday night in complete daylight, only to wander into the dark of the main room to hear Jason Novak and Jamie Duffy spin their unique style of hard electronica with live vocals and jungle undertones.

With the help of two Powerbooks, at least four turn tables, a sound board, and probably the best visual effects I've ever seen projected behind them, DJ? Acucrack brought down the house. Had there been more than 30 people there at the time, Nation might have been demolished a few weeks earlier than planned.

Acucrack is part of Crack Nation, which is both their indie record label and a Flash animation house. They clearly developed the eclectic video streams that we watched while Jason and Jamie tore up their respective tables.

A short set at just under an hour, but well worth seeing live. The guys are in Philly tonight and at Pacha in NYC tomorrow, it's unfortunate that I already have plans or I might just follow them up for a second show.

The evening's lineup included:

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