Monday, January 08, 2007

File Under "douche bag"

Mary shared this article in today's Rocky Mountain News about a sad little man who thinks that Lady's Night discriminates against him:

A self-proclaimed "agitator" against feminism declared ladies nights at Colorado nightspots dead Friday after prevailing in the first stage of a civil rights complaint against the Proof Nightclub in southeast Denver.

Steve Horner learned Thursday that Colorado's Division of Civil Rights for the Department of Regulatory Agencies sided with him in his complaint that men were unfairly having to pay cover charges and higher drink prices than women at the Proof's ladies nights.

"Ladies night is now illegal," said Horner, a 59-year-old corporate speaker, who says he's been on an anti-feminist crusade since his wife left him with two young children several years ago.

At this point you're thinking, "That seems like a really douchy thing to do, but maybe he's just one of those touchy-feely Colorado residents who eats too much hummus and has read the writings of Betty Freidan one too-many times". Then you get to this quote which proves that Steve Horner is a complete fuck-face:

In the meantime, Horner plans to catch any club owners who continue to offer women special deals.

"This is now a violation of law. I will now make it a point to visit as many ladies nights as I can every week. I'll have my rights violated, then I'll sue them in county court and collect my $500 (the maximum penalty in county court for each incident of discrimination)," Horner said.

"I feel it could net me $3,000 to $4,000 a week easy, and I'm going to do it," he added. "It takes me five minutes to be discriminated against."

At which point you realize that the only left for you to do is drive to Colorado, kidnap his children, cover their faces with dirt, and smuggle them to some 7th world country where their next meal will come through UNICEF donations. Anything is better than growing up in a household with an asshat motivational speaker as their role model.


james said...

Steve isn't the best debater on the logic train. Check out his comments he posted on my blog after I commented on him:

Having visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis last year, and having walked with dozens of people silently absorbing the details of that harsh period of our history, I would NEVER toss around the words "discrimination" and "civil rights" around at such a frivolous issue as "ladies night" down at Drinky's Tavern or wherever. It's as innapropriate as our watering down of the word "Nazi" for use as a pejorative descriptive term.

I'd be more sympathetic if he TRULY felt his rights were violated. Instead he unabashadly admits to "picking a fight" with bars and clubs for financial gain. He's not a male Gloria Steinem, nor a valiant gladiator for helpless women being loaded up and hauled off for free drinks.

the Alpha John said...

I had no idea that calling him a douche was such an understatement.

"I'm a self-righteous windbag, blah blah blah."

He's an incubator for prostate cancer; with any luck the timer on that baby is about to go off.