Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Text Messaging Gods are Concerned by my Absence

That didn't take long.

As previously mentioned, I switched to Verizon last March after breaking a few T-Mobile phones. While I've been pleased with Verizon's service, customer service, and pricing, I fucking hate this phone.

Which isn't a problem anymore, since it shit and died today.

I received a text message from George that I replied to without any trouble, then opened the phone to send a text message and the screen was frozen. I turned the phone off and on, screen still fucked. I took out the battery, screen still fucked.

It lights up, it shows that ugly-ass background I picked, but the screen never updates again.

Since Verizon kindly let me out of my contract, and Cingular/AT&T Wireless updated their list of phones that are eligible for equipment insurance, I ordered a Sony W810i from Amazon. I broke one of my personal rules about signing a 2-year contract, but the cancellation fee is $175 and they're paying me $50 to take the phone. It's cheaper to take the phone and the payoff and give them the finger in a year than to get a 1-year contract.

This also means that Andrew and my parents are no longer free to talk to at any time, but George, Joey, and Mary are. Mike never was, and as long as he's with Sprint he never will be. :p

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