Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mi Telephono es muy bustido

My mobile phone -- which was on the fritz yesterday -- has finally died. I just replaced my phone less than three months ago, and here I am on hold with T-Mobile trying to get it switched out. I was planning to move over to Verizon for a year, but I hate all their phones (including the new Razr, which they've crippled). I'm also not keen on going back to Cingular, I hated them when they were AT&T mobile.

The other reason I'm not using the opporunity to switch to another provider is that I can't find a phone on the market here in the US that doesn't make me gag. They're aweful and they look like they were designed by retards.

This is the email (no one will read) that I sent T-Mobile:

I just wanted to make it known how unhappy I am at the moment with T-Mobile, and that I am shopping for a new carrier. My phone has died for the second time in three months, and I'm again in the situation where I'm without a phone for only five days if I pay the extra $15 for "expedited" shipping. When I was with AT&T Wireless, horrid though they were, that $15 had the phone to me in 2 days tops but more likely the next day (including Saturday delivery).

I made the decision when I moved in April to forgoe a home phone and use my mobile instead. That, however, has not gone well since the service covereage here in Fairfax (a full 15 miles from Washington, DC) is fair at best. I logged a service ticket in September and was told upgrades were planned over the next six months, and within a week got a mailer saying that upgrades had been performed in the area and you were working to improve service. Four months later, have you seen my extra bars of coverage, becase my office (which is at George Mason University, 1 mile from my house) has zero coverage at all.

To add insult to injury, the website performance has been horrible the last month or so, and today when I called in to get my phone replaced I waited almost 10 minutes for a customer service rep who transferred me to support, I waited another 10 minutes for someone to pick up there, he asked me the same question the customer rep did and put me back in queue another 10 minutes for I spoke to someone who could get my phone replaced. I spent 30 minutes on the phone when I should have been able to go online, fill out a form ("my phone doesn't turn on") and have a new phone shipped to my house in 1-2 days for my expedited shipping fee, not 5 days.

Is any carrier better? Probably not, but I still don't have to like it. Not at all impressed.

So don't bother calling or text messaging me until next Wednesday, unless it's at work.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks. Maybe you should try Carrier Pigeons... G-spOt