Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Circle of Cell Phone Service

I've had one or two cell phones and carriers in my day:
  • 1995 - NYNEX Mobile/Bell Atlantic-NYNEX Mobile/Bell Atlantic Mobile
  • 1996 - Cellular One
  • 1997-1999 - Hiatus
  • 2000 - Nextel
  • 2002 - AT&T Wireless
  • 2004 - T-Mobile
  • 2006 - Verizon

A funny pattern for a man who refuses to sign a two year contract.

After ongoing service problems with T-Mobile here in Fairfax City (though they rock in DC proper) I ordered a new Verizon phone and service through Amazon last night (they have, by far, the best deals going). It should be here before the weekend.

It should only take a month or two before I hate them. After all, I only worked there six weeks before I hated it.


Anonymous said...

What does this say about your ability to make a commitment?? Sprint is the way to go (although NO ONE has every agreed with me on that).

Anonymous said...

Ha. Someone's questioning your ability to make a commitment. Clearly, they don't know you. But * I * do! Love, Joey

Mary said...

The best two services locally from what I've gathered talking to people are Verizon and Cingular and the main difference is in price for plans and accessories, Verizon tends to be more pricey. At least the few times I looked.

But anything has to be better then no service ;p