Friday, September 08, 2006

House :: Nick Terranova is Starkillers

As pointed out by Dance Blogga, the current big house track is "Discoteka" by Starkillers (a.k.a. Nick Terranova). It's been burning up the charts at Beatport almost since the initial release in August.

I'm not a huge house fan -- I find it kind my taste is pretty manic. I can get hung up on a really good hook ("Get naked on the floor", "You wanna roll to the club like me?", "I wanna be your motherfucker") and then a week or two later I'm bored.

One young man was so enlightened by Discoteka's hook, "I make the beat go boom, Papi", that he spliced together shots from dozens of other music videos to make his very own Disoteka video:

Welcome to AVT100, please don't enroll unless you already have a hobby. Perhaps instead of using his talents for good (making music videos where none exist), he should them for evil by filming his hookups and post them on X-Tube (not work friendly).

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