Monday, July 24, 2006

Concert Preparedness

Lil' Michael Wright is taking Jason and I to see Train at Wolftrap as part of his employer's "Bring a Friend" program (which is a psuedo-recruiting event).

Whatever. A free concert is a free concert. Unless it's Meatloaf. Or Wasp. Or Metallica.

It occured to me this morning that I may not be prepared, so I IM'ed Jason to discuss:

theAlphaJohn: do you know what kind of designer drugs are appropriate for a train concert? i've never been
Jason: lol
Jason: LSD always works nicely
theAlphaJohn: hrmm
theAlphaJohn: i don't think i have any of that
theAlphaJohn: can you run to 7-11 and pick some up?
Jason: i think you can make it out of the 7 year old danager dogs they keep on those rollers
theAlphaJohn: i have had some baked goods at 7-11 that made me hallucinate
theAlphaJohn: although i may have been hallucinating before i ate the baked goods
theAlphaJohn: chicken and the egg problem, like always
theAlphaJohn: will you be wearing your work attire tonight?
Jason: yes
theAlphaJohn: I think I'm going to run home and change
theAlphaJohn: because I have no one to impress
theAlphaJohn: and the kind of sweat hogs that go to see train go ga-ga over my calves ;)
Jason: ha


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