Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ECON: Timing Makes the Douche

Our classroom has theatre seating, and I sit one row from the back. Christine, who always checks me in at the Aquatic Center, sits right behind me. She is fast becoming my partner in disgust (though I'm recruiting Todd from the other side of the room).

Last night, Christine was talking to a couple of girls I didn't notice on Saturday, then again I really don't pay much attention. One of the girls (Cora as I found out later) had mistaken the time and showed up after class was over, so she was trying to get the low-down on what she missed from Christine.

Christine left at 8:00pm to meet her math tutor, and just a couple minutes later Alpha Dumb Bitch starts in about how she's irked that our professor isn't teaching the techniques for this particular model exactly like the book, and asked(in her testy bitch tone) "which way should we be using -- your way or the book's way"?? I turned around to the girls behind me and said, "There are two people in this class that I despise, and that is one of them." I can only imagine the douche chills I gave them when I said it, because I'm a seething dick-face.

Not thirty seconds later, in the most opportune of comedic timing, Cameron Manheim dumped her entire bag of snacks all over the front row of the class, and our professor had to actually help her pick up her snacks. I turned right around to the girls and sneered, "and that is the other".

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