Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mitsubishi builds one-of-a-kind "Princess Kitty" edition

Autoblog is carrying this article about the "Princess Kitty"/Hello Kitty edition of the Mitsubishi i:

Well, Mitsubishi has done it. They have created the most quintessentially Japanese car ... EVER.

We bring you, dear Autoblog readers, the Mitsubishi i "Princess Kitty" Hello Kitty limited edition. And by limited, we mean one.

The Princess Kitty is finished in pink, with matching paint applied to the wheels. The Hello Kitty trademark ribbon logo is applied to the front doors and roof, while the rear doors get a "Princess Kitty" graphic with the lovable cartoon character's face. The back window also gets a large Hello Kitty face decal. The sideview mirrors feature Hello Kitty's face in relief.

I sent an email to Andrew, George, and Trevin about it and this is how it went:

Alpha John: [sends link]
Trevin: My'''s hideous!! You monsters!! ;)
Andrew: sigh. i might have to quit.
Alpha John: I think you should call your corporate rep and tell him you want that as your demo. But you must start the call with "Konichiwa!"
Andrew: well, i have a dealer council meeting on the 20th, so perhaps i'll just bring that up.
George: if you get that in, i am ON THE WAY.
Trevin: George, I think I could die happy if I had a photo of you behind the wheel of a hello kitty auto. ;)

All I have to say is:

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