Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mason: Gunston Controversy Settled (for now DOT DOT DOT)

From The Broadside, Mason's student newspaper:

Gunston to Remain Mascot for George Mason Patriots

Ronnie Anthony Cristobal, Broadside Staff Writer

It was decided that Gunston the Patriot will remain the primary mascot of the George Mason Patriots after two months of speculation and uncertainty regarding the fuzzy, green creature’s future.

On June 2, Associate Athletic Director Andy Ruge announced that Gunston will no longer be the primary mascot for the George Mason. In addition, the athletic department would gather a “mascot focus group” to select possible replacements for Gunston.

However, all indications and reports point to a return of Gunston the Patriot for the 2006-07 Basketball season.

“[Gunston] is still with us,” said Daniel Walsch, from the University Relations office. “After the national attention from the Final Four, it was discussed that he would get a makeover to construct a more visible mascot.”


Others disagree, saying that Gunston is not a mascot worthy of representing a school of Final Four caliber.

The Washington Post reported that a study conducted two years ago found that 40 percent of Mason students did not know who Gunston was and that those who did recognize him wanted to see him replaced.


“Gunston is a green creature of mysterious origin whom no one seems to enjoy seeing,” said Ryan Woodard, a junior management major. “I am frustrated that after being told a new mascot would come to Mason; the old one is just simply being modified.”

Hey Ryan -- Gunston does have a Facebook profile. Show some fucking respect.

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