Sunday, September 10, 2006

Masters: Day Two

My first practice with the Masters team last Tuesday was quite humbling, so much so that I skipped the next two and didn't return until Sunday. Prior to Tuesday, the best workout I'd done in the pool was 2200 yards (and that was probably back in May or June), so hopping in with 28 other people to try and crank out 4100 yards took the "gym class hero" right out of me.

I ended up skipping Thursday night simply because I had absolutely nothing to give (it was a long, exhausting week at work). Knowing myself as well as I do (motto: I'd write an instruction manual, but no one would read it) I was concerned that I was already skipping, and was worried might never go back. Skipping the workout on Saturday only added to that concern.

The lights weren't even on in the Aquatic Center when we got there for practice. I shared the last slow lane with an slightly older guy (late 40s/early 50s) who was a little slower than me but had better endurance. When Cheryl started writing the workout on the boards, there was only 1600 yards on it, so I was like "wh00t! It's fucking Christmas"...

Yeah, that was the warmup. Apparently she writes the warmup on each board and then goes back to write the workout itself. I think it totaled out at 4100 yards, and while my lane mate and I only did about 2500 yards, the workout went really well in my opinion. I just need some time to get used to the distance.

Not dead yet, so I'll be back there on Tuesday.

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Mike said...

Give yourself a break and some time. You'll get there.