Friday, September 22, 2006

Opie & Anthony: The Fatty Pig Fatty Contest

From Foundry Music:
FATTY-PIG-FATTY CONTEST: (**OPEN TO CLEVELAND LADIES TOO**) Ladies, are you a Big Beautiful Woman (a 'BBW')? Are you sporting some extra baggage? Are you plump? Are you a beefy gal? Do you have a hard time NOT nose-diving into a buffet? Well, if so...WE WANT point and laugh at. Of course, we are willing to PAY handsomeley for the privilege. Here's the skinny... or the not-so-skinny, if you will:

- From now until we decide it's over, haul ass to our Free FM studio (40 West 57th St in NYC)...
- Strap on a bikini (or other revealing outfit)
- Put on a PIG MASK (we have one for you)
- Have a snack...or fifty...

At the end of this contest, the HEAVIEST gal to grace the Opie and Anthony Show with her presence is going to win $10 for every pound on her body. 350 pounds = $3500.00. Now that, a lot of hamburgers. Good luck!

In case you couldn't tell, this was Jim Norton's idea.


Anonymous said...

Jim Norton is a comic genius. And I wish I was still fat because I could seriously win this. Damn that Fat Girls Last meal.. damn it! ~J

the Alpha John said...

If only Little Joey, the current chub leaders is 431lbs! And we're only 2 or 3 days into the contest.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh. I was short by 100 pounds exactly. They would have had me early!

Justin said...